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House Training Dogs

 House Training Dogs

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When you first bring a dog home, it’s critical that you take the time to house train then properly. The puppy must realize that your home is not their toilet, and you are the only ones that can show them this. Remember, to them, at this stage, it is perfectly ok to go to the “bathroom” in your house! They do not know any better! Unless you show them! House training dogs takes patience, it’s a trial an error process, where some things will work and some won’t but it’s well worth the time and effort, you will be happier and so will your dogs (they need the structure and boundaries in place). If you do not house train dogs they can ruin your floors and furnishing, seriously affect your health and cost you money.


Here are some of the basics for house training dogs


Younger dogs need to go to the toilet often, so look for the signs and immediately take them outside to a place you have assigned as their “area”.

Typically, they need to eliminate just after waking or shortly after a meal. I suggest timing (and keeping a note) how long it usually is before they need to go. This is your “window” now you just have to make sure that you take them outside, within their “window” to avoid most of the accidents.

Diet is very important when house training dogs. If you keep changing the types of food they eat, or giving them table scraps they may develop an upset stomach that will definitely make your job harder. Stick to dry food (kibble) it produces dryer, smaller stools that are easier to clean up.

The most important part of house training dogs is praise! When your dog successfully “goes” outside, praise him/her using a happy, excited voice. Your dog wants to please you, so letting him know when you are happy will encourage him to repeat the behavior.

Under no circumstances should you get angry at or use physical violence if your dog has an “accident”. It’s going to happen, and when it does, if you react badly the dog may form an association that prevents them from eliminating (oh no! I got into trouble when I did that, so I won’t do it again); as you can image this can lead to some severe health problems for your dog.

If you are really having a tough time house training dogs, it’s possible that they have a medical problem. Get your vet to check them for urinary tract infections etc.

So, that’s the basics of house training dogs! Come back and find some more amazing tricks, tips and techniques on house training your dog..