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Dog Training Ideas

dog training ideas at home

Do you have a dog? Do you have the dog snacks? Do you have a leash? Do you have patience? Then you’re set. Before you start collecting dog training ideas, make sure you have completed the above, making this process a bit easier. We all know the basic training skills. But if you want to learn better ones, you can browse our website, find some great books and read the other articles. Once you have a couple in mind, it’s time to call your dog.

There are a number of dog training ideas, but the one that is most common to begin with is to have the dog SIT. How do you do that? I’ll tell you:

1.  First make sure you have some sort of treat to reward your dog. Stand up and look directly into your dog’s eyes while holding a treat. Command him to SIT, and then press down their lower back toward the ground. Once they are in that forced position, it is a good idea to reward them already. This teaches them that if they are to sit down when asked, they get a treat. Repeat this process well over 5 times.

2.  Another thing that all dogs are trained to do, is to stay within their boundaries. A good way to teach them this is to attach a shock leash of some sort while you hold the remote. Let the dog roam free around the yard. Once he/she has gone too far, shock them. They will immediately turn around knowing that if they go too far, they’ll get shocked again. Repeat this process at every spot in the yard that allows capability of escape for the dog. Know that whatever shocking device you have placed with your dog, is harmless. These devices are made for dogs in this event. A lot of K-9 owners posses a real shocking device system that is set up in their entire yard. Every time the dog tries to escape, it is shocked. You don’t have to use this for very long. Once you’ve completed the shocking step of training, the dog will be use to the fact that he will probably get shocked if he goes any further so they won’t even try. Don’t feel the need to own the shocking system.

3. One more dog training idea is to teach the dog to “stay”. A very common training tip. Place your dog in a spot where you would like it to stay. Stand directly in front of them. Wait about 1-2 seconds. If the dog is still in the position he was assigned to, praise and reward him with a treat.You are rewarding the behavior you are looking for which is a 'stay', even if it is

only 1 seconds worth to start with. Soon after, repeat the process again, now hold your praise and reward off for about 3-4 seconds. If the dog attempts to leave, simply say “no” in a stern tone and do not reward them. Start this process again. Another way to train your dog into staying is to make sure the

dog is in sitting position. Don’t stand too far away from him, but not to close. Lower a treat close to the ground. If the dog leaves his position and moves toward the treat, lift up your arm and say “aah-aah” Repeat this process and the dog will soon learn that if he is to leave his “stay” position, he will

not be rewarded.

There are many more dog training ideas to look into. Once you’re dog has been fully trained, it will have been worth your time, money, and impatience.