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7 Tips For Potty Training Older Dogs – Potty Train Older Dogs Fast

 7 Tips For Potty Training Older Dogs – Potty Train Older Dogs Fast

how to potty train a older dog
how to potty train old dog

How to potty train a older dog?

Sometimes – especially if not trained right as a puppy – older dogs will have problems with house training and they may need to be taught or re-taught not to pee or poop inside. You can teach an old dog new tricks and to help you, here are the tips for potty training older dogs.

The Process Of Training

1. Instead of teaching your dog not to urinate inside, teach them to urinate outside. Many experts agree that it is far easier to teach a dog – especially an older one – to do something rather than teach them to not do something.

2. Provide an area of your lawn for the dog to go outside. Make sure you are very consistent about where they pee or poop because that will make it easier for the older dog to learn.

3. Always use the same words for going outside because an older dog can get confused by various commands. Say “Need to Pee?” and keep using that phrase so the dog learns what it means.

4. If the dog does have an accident inside, make sure you remove all traces of it with vinegar and baking soda. Dogs can smell extremely well and if an older dog smells urine inside, they may think they are supposed to use that spot. This is very important for potty training older dogs.

5. Dogs will not pee or poop where they sleep so keep their sleeping area tight so there is no room for accidents around their bed.

6. Instead of feeding your dog before they go to sleep, lessen the amount you feed them to eliminate accidents at night.

7. Always ensure that it is easy for your dog to go outside by providing them with a doggie door if you have a fenced yard. Once they are properly trained, you won’t have to do anything as the dog goes outside. This makes potty training older dogs very easy.