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Obedience Training For Dogs

Obedience Training For Dogs

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Obedience training for dogs is the ultimate dog training guide for the passionate owner that really cares about having a well trained dog at his finger tips.

This obedience guide is meant for those of you that already learned on how to dominate your dog properly and have some degree of control, and also for those of you that don’t have a clue on how to even teach your dog how to sit.

Don’t go for the traditionalist methods of correcting your dog the wrong way. That will only make your dog nervous, unstable and even a potential “killer” if he has some level of strength.

By following this guide, you will learn on how to house train a dog, dog aggression training, potty training for dogs, leash training a dog, and especially to dominate your pet by becoming his chief or Alpha Leader.

Obedience training on its own could save 65% of all dogs in shelters if their previous owners had managed to, at least learn how to be the dog’s chief. Millions of dogs are killed every year around the world, just because they “supposedly” can’t be taught properly. By checking this statistics, we can clearly see that untreated behavior problems make the largest preventable cause of death of pet dogs around the world.

By following this site, you will have access to a lot of dog training information, learn very effective methods that will cause no harm to your dog, although some corrections (the right way) may be necessary, and secondly, these methods do work.

In the old days, and unfortunately some people today do it to, the training classes were very rough to the dogs, because they had to punish the dogs to avoid the wrong behavior, while today, modern trainers always use positive reinforcement, this change of paradigm is of utmost importance to the effectiveness of dog training because they create a clear desire on the dog to wanting to learn. The corrections made to the dog, are resumed to, when the dog already knows the desired behavior, but for some reason, doesn’t obey.

The most important thing to consider when you start training your dog is to become the pack leader of your dog’s pack. This will be explained in more detail, in a way that will make you understand that, without being the leader of your dog’s pack, you will never be his trainer and although your dog may love you, he will never respect you and consequently, will never obey. The techniques explained here, will also address problems like chewing, nipping, digging, barking and much more. You will also be armed with the knowledge (and safety rules) to off leash training.

When you start reading about the techniques explained here, you’ll start to understand on how your dog learns, and with that knowledge in hands you’ll finally be able to manipulate your dog (in a good way), so he will obey you without question, even to tricks that aren’t explained here, you’ll have full control over your pet.

This guide will make wonders to the existing relationship between you and your dog, if you take the time and effort (10-15 min a day of formal training) to apply all the techniques explained here, you will be fully respected and loved by your four legged best friend, and also by all the dog owners that will admire the excellent work done by you with your dog.