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Best Dog Shock Collar Reviews

 Best Dog Shock Collar Reviews

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Hello fellow dog lovers! We all love our dogs and want them to behave in a way that is pleasing to us and, at the same time, beneficial for the dog. However, there may be times that our training efforts alone are not enough to bring about the desired results, or in other cases there needs to be behavior correction or moderation when we are not around.

This is where a shock collar comes in. There are various types of collars to suit every training need and the collar you select will depend on your dog’s unique qualities and what type of behavior needs to be modified. We have reviewed several types of collars to give you an idea of what is out there and how well they work. I hope you will find the information in the website useful because if you are here, we know it’s because you love your dog and want what’s best for him. Happy reading!

The Top 20 Shock Collars for Dogs

Bark Solution Rechargeable and Rainproof Dog Training e-Collar

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This is a well-made e-collar, and for its price that type of quality is hard to beat. It may look as if it’s made flimsily if you look at it on screen, but when you order it and actually have it in hand you will be pleased with your purchase. It has the standard features with beep, vibration, and shock, and all of this works well. With a 300 yard range, it gives you a fair distance to work with, which is enough room for most persons, especially in an urban setting. If you are working with larger spaces, an e-collar with farther range would be a better choice.

Easy To Use
This system is designed so that you need not be an expert trainer to use it. It’s easy to learn and once you are in tune with your dog you will instinctively know what features to use and when you will need to adjust the intensity of the sensations either up or down. The vibration and static shock features have up to 100 settings so it is more than possible to find that perfect training setting for your pet.

The control is fairly rugged and will withstand normal wear and tear. Both the control and the collar are rated as being water resistant, which is different than waterproof, so be careful. It can take some amount of wet conditions, but is not to be submersed.

PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Shock Collar

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As dog lovers we know that a dog that has not been trained is difficult to manage, and no matter how much we may love the dog, this can be a problem. In order to train your dog effectively, you may consider getting this multi-feature remote controlled dog collar from Pet Tech.

The collar has four training modes – light, beep, vibration, and shock. By using a device with these different options, you can gradually increase the intensity of the reinforcement. None of us want to make our pets uncomfortable, so the range is a good way to train without using the shock mode, but if that mode is necessary the shock mode works well to bring about the behavior modification. The shock mode is adjustable with varying intensity which allows you to select the one that is right for your dog. Another great feature is that it is waterproof, so if your dog gets wet, it will still continue to function.

Rechargeable Battery
The remote control and collar itself utilizes remote controlled batteries so there is no need to be consistently buying replacements. Many companies put products on the market and if something goes wrong, you have great difficulty in having them repaired or replaced. However, Pet Tech is so confident that you will be happy with their product that they offer a 100% money back guarantee should you be unhappy for any reason.

Petrainer PET998DBB 2-Dog Waterproof Shock Training Collar

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This is a good multi-function e-collar with which to train your dog. It has three modes – beep, vibrate, and shock – which alone or all together are more than adequate to train your dog. The vibration and shock features work with a very wide range of intensity settings which make it so very easy to find just the right setting for either of these features for your dog.

For the New Trainer
The manufacturers say that they have targeted new users with this product and have designed and built it with them in mind. This indicates that it is very easy to use and understand, so if you are new to shock collar training, this unit is a good place to start.

Value for Money
This particular product is great for persons who want to train more than one dog at a time, because two collars are provided in the package and are programmed to work with one remote at the same time. This is great for persons training puppies or dogs who need the same type of obedience training early out. The collars will fit dogs that are at least 15 pounds and heavier; with a collar that can fit between 7 and 26 inches, your dog is unlikely to grow out of the unit just in case the need arises for a reminder session when the dog is older.

RopriPet Active PRO, 450 Yard Range

This e-collar from RopriPet is ideal for training all types of dogs. It has the three distinct training modes – beep, vibration, and shock – that will allow you to quickly get your dog to understand what is acceptable and what is not. The shock and vibration modes have 16 levels of stimulation, so it’s easy to find what your dog needs. Many owners love the flexibility of features and report that the collar is very easy to use and understand.

Large LCD Display
The remote has a large LCD display so that you can easily see the correct settings, even in low lighting conditions, because the last thing that you want to do is make the setting so high that it’s painful for the dog or too low that it does not bring about a response. If you can properly see what you are doing, you are unlikely to have these problems. The remote also has an individual button for each mode so that you can quickly switch from one to the other.

Long Range
You will love that the RopriPet Active PRO has a range of up to 450 yards so you can be confident that you will have full control of your dog within that range. This will allow you to go out in parks or other suitable environments without a leash, while remaining in full control of your pet. The collar and controls also have the always-appreciated rechargeable feature where you do not have to be concerned about frequent battery changes adding to the overall cost.

Slicemall Rechargeable & Waterproof Electronic Dog Collar

This unit by SliceMall will give you everything that you need and more for an e-collar for your dog. The thing that I love about it is the range in which it works. 500 yards is a little more than what you get from the average e-collar and I really appreciate that I can still maintain control of my dog while she gets as much space as any dog would reasonably need to exercise and have fun.

This unit is said to be waterproof in that it can withstand being submerged in water, rather than water resistant like a lot of other units that can only get a little wet but not be totally submerged. This is good news for persons who want to keep the collar on when the dog goes swimming or gets caught in a heavy downpour. It is said that the collar will work even in water. However, for me personally, I would be wary of using the shock feature in water. And this is not based on any scientific evidence, mind you, just my personal opinion and comfort level.

Energy Saving
Even though the unit as a whole uses rechargeable batteries, we still need to be concerned about saving energy. With this in mind this product conserves energy by going into energy saving mode when not in use. The Slicemall will enter standby mode after 4 minutes of inactivity, but will re-activate with any movement. Similarly, the remote will go into standby mode after a minute of inactivity and will reactivate with the touch of a button.

Ecoastal Remote Dog Trainer for 2 Dogs

This is a very cost-effective option for persons who have more than one dog or who have chosen to train two dogs at a time, as it comes with two collars. However, both collars work with a single remote unit, so you have to keep that in mind as you train the dogs; you will be giving the same command to both of them at the same time. There are several instances where this is useful, especially if you are introducing puppies to this kind of training for the first time.

Two Types of Prongs
One of the best features on any e-collar is that this one allows you to change the prongs according to the fur thickness of your dog. This is great, as sometimes the dog is uncomfortable because of the prongs digging into its flesh. On the other side of the coin, the dog’s fur can be so thick that the prongs are barely making contact with the skin, making it more difficult to for the unit to work properly.

Nice Collar
The collar, we know, is for a specific function and that is to train the dog. However, it is made of leather that gives it a nice look, so it’s both functional and nice to look at.

EtekStorm Dog Collar with Rechargeable & Rainproof LCD Screen

This unit from Etek Storm is a good unit to get for your dog if you need to train them to be obedient. It has the standard features of an e-collar – beep, vibration and electric shock modes. It also has a reasonable range of 330 yards for controlling your dog from a distance.

Nice Extra
The unit comes with a nice little surprise – a pet identification tag that is attached to the collar. It’s in the form of what can be described as a small capsule; you place a piece of paper with your contact details in it.

LED Backlit LCD Display
The remote control features an LED backlit LCD display, so you know it will be easy to see the display in all kinds of lighting conditions. The unit is also water resistant so it can withstand lightly wet conditions such as a light drizzle. However, be mindful that this unit is not designed to be submerged, so your dog should not go swimming with the collar on. It should also be removed if the dog is caught in a heavy downpour.

IPets PET618 880 Yards E Collar

If you like to take your dog out with you for a jog or any other kind of outdoor adventure, this is definitely a unit that you should consider getting. A sturdy unit built to withstand all kinds of conditions, it has three operating modes of beep, vibration, or shock. The vibration or static modes have 8 variations, which should enough for you to find one that works for your dog. It has a nice ergonomically-shaped remote control which is easy to operate, especially on the go. Each of the operating modes has it own button, so once you become familiar with the remote, you do not need to be looking at it to operate most functions.

Crazy Distance!
What I love best about this unit is the fact that it can be operated from such a long distance – from a whopping 880 yards away! With this kind of distance your dog has so much freedom, or at least the perception of being free. This kind of scenario is good for hunting training or for use on expansive properties with lots of space.

100% Waterproof
This is not one of those rainproof units that can only withstand a light drizzle. This e-collar can face any water challenge, so if your dog has to jump into a river, cross a body of water, or gets caught in a heavy downpour, you can rest assured that this unit will stand up to those wet conditions, guaranteed. All of this reliability comes at a price though, and it is one of the higher priced units I reviewed, but it’s well worth the money.

Anpro DC-28 330 Yards Remote Training Collar

Anpro’s dog training collar is an efficient unit that will greatly assist in any dog training situation. Dogs will display varying behavior problems from time to time and this unit will certain help you to correct any problems that your dog may have.

OK to Use Static Shock Feature
Several persons have said that they are concerned about the shock feature of the collar and feel that to use this would be inhumane. I disagree, in that it’s how you use the shock feature that can be a problem. For those who would use it as punishment, well yes, it is inhumane. However, if correctly used during training as a reinforcement to a command for a nanosecond, then it can be very beneficial. However, if you still have misgivings about the shock feature you can use the vibration feature in the same way, perhaps turning it up to a higher level than you would have otherwise. Anpro’s unit is able to be used in any of these ways.

Cost Savings
The Anpro DC-28 is fairly easy to acquire because of the cost, yet it is as effective as any other unit out there, and fairly sturdy as well. With its rechargeable batteries and power saving modes, you will see even more savings if you choose to buy this e-collar.

Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

I really love this e-collar from Petsafe. I have a Belgian Malinois that would behave perfectly at home and in the yard; even on walks she would behave herself until she spotted a squirrel or, worse, another dog. No amount of verbal commands or any other method of distraction would get her to obey commands in these situations. I finally decided to try the Petsafe collar on our walks and after the first incident where she would not obey, I used the static shock feature on two separate occasions, and have little problems with our walks since then.

Sturdy Construction
What I liked most about it was the sturdy construction of both the collar and the remote control. The remote control is also ergonomically designed. It fits snugly in most palms and just “feels right” in your hand, as if it were made especially for you. I’ve also accidentally dropped it a few times, but it’s held up just fine.

Bring On the Water!
The Petsafe is submersible for up to five feet of water. Somehow we don’t see any dog going any deeper than five feet, so in most water situations the collar will keep working. It has a slightly more than average range of 400 yards that gives you a bit of space between you and your dog. Its collar and remote also use rechargeable batteries so that you can save on those costs.

SportsDog Rechargeable No Bark Trainer

For those who have had sleepless nights because of incessant barking, or if your dog barks when you are not home, disturbing your neighbors day and night, this no bark collar from Sport Dog is worth trying.

Sensor Controlled
This collar works without you having to control in any way. It works with a sensor that reads both the vibration of the dog’s vocal cords as well as the volume of its bark; when activated by these two stimuli, it will send a little shock to the dog, which usually has the effect of getting it to stop barking.

Three Modes
The collar has three modes that you can use to modify behavior. It has a temperament learning mode that starts the static shock at the lowest level and steadily increases each time the dog barks within 30 seconds. Whenever the dog barks again, the collar will remember the last level used and deliver a shock at that level.

In progressive mode, the static shock will be delivered at a progressively higher level each time the dog barks. However, if the dog does not bark within 30 seconds, the level is automatically reduced to the starting point and the process will begin all over again if the dog keeps barking. There is also a manual mode that allows the owner to adjust the level of static shock as needed.

Petiner Anti Barking Control

While we love our pets, at times nothing can be more annoying than a constantly barking dog, especially when you and your neighbors need to get some sleep. While you do want a solution to this problem, you want one that will not harm your dog or psychologically damage him. It is with this in mind that the folks at Petnier have designed the harmless no bark collar to help you and your dog to curtail this annoying type of behavior.

Progressive Correction
What’s great about this unit is how the correction is progressively delivered. In the first instance, the dog is given a tone or beep warning, and then it is moved to a beep with vibration and finally a shock. The first shock will be administered at the lowest level and then will progress up to seven levels if the dog continues to bark. This way, the dog will learn not to bark and will recognize the warnings of more serious discomfort to come if he is non-compliant.

Safety Feature
If for some reason the dog keeps barking despite the increasing levels of shock, the unit will automatically shut off after it gets to the seventh level and the dog keeps barking. It shuts off for a minute and then will start the process again.

TrainPro Exec Dual Waterproof Shock Collar

This multi-function e-collar is a great option for those dog owners who want a humane way of correcting unwanted behavior in their pets. It uses three modes beeping, vibrating, and static shock to help you with training your dog, so that you can fully enjoy the time with your pet. The features are usually used progressively, starting with beeping and then moving up to vibration and finally to the shock mode. Most dog owners find that the beeping and vibrating are enough to cause the correction needed, but in some cases, especially if you need to get the dog’s attention in an urgent situation, you will need to use the shock feature.

Roam Freely!
I love this e-collar because of the unreal amount of space that it allows. Your dog can be up to 1100 yards away from you and still be under your control. I can’t tell you how great this is for me and my pooch, as she loves to really stretch me during my morning runs and I sometimes can’t keep up with her. But I have peace of mind that I can simply use the remote to get her to stop if I feel she may be going too far away. For those who want to train their dogs to hunt or in other similar activities, this TrainPro is a must have.

Crazy Depth!
This is definitely an e-collar for the adventure-seeking pet owner and dog. I sometimes like to swim in the lake with my dog, but of course would have to worry about taking the collar off. Sometimes I just sit on the deck and allow her to enjoy the water. In both cases, you don’t have to worry about water damage because it is fully waterproof up to 20 feet. Splash on!

IB Sound Dog Training Collar Review

I have had a few friends tell me that they would never use a static shock collar because they consider it inhumane. I always try to educate them and let them know that it is not the collar that is inhumane but the person who is controlling it may not be acting in responsible manner. If used correctly, it is one of the best ways to teach a dog of any age how to behave. A shock collar is a great training tool and if you decide to use one the IB Sound is a great choice to make, especially if you like the outdoors.

The IB Sound is clearly made to be used outdoors. It’s waterproof and will work in all kinds of weather as well. It’s also long range – up to 100 yards in open spaces – so you and your dog can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities together without literally being right next to each other.

Battery Life Indicators
The collar and control uses rechargeable batteries and one of the most common complaints is that you are never sure when the battery is going to die; it just does, sometimes at the worst moment. Well, the IB Sound has a very useful battery life indicator that helps you to keep on top of the charging situation so that you are not left without the collar unusable at a critical moment.

Sit Boo-Boo 2-Collar Remote Dog Trainer

There are times when no matter how much we try to get our dogs to correct a certain behavior, it seems like nothing works. I know a guy who had adopted his collie from the animal shelter and was having no end of problems with him; he was a few days away from returning him to the shelter. I suggest that he try a shock collar first. He was a little resistant, but decided to give training one last try with the e-collar. He has not stopped thanking me since, as the dog is now much better behaved; not perfect, but so much more improved than before. This is an experience shared by many dog owners who had misgivings about using an e-collar but out of desperation tried one, only to chide themselves for not getting one sooner.

2 Dog Training
This e-collar provided by Sit Boo-Boo provides all the usual features of this type of training device. Two collars are supplied so you will be able to train more than one dog at a time. Each collar also comes with two sets of prongs so that you can use the ones that are most suitable for your dog, providing the right amount of contact with the skin through the fur.

Clicker Included
In order to encourage owners to remember to reward the dog for good behavior or positive response, the manufacturers have included a clicker which dogs always respond positively to and look forward to hearing when they behave well.

EtekStorm, with Remote Rechargeable & Rainproof LCD Screen

An e-collar is a wonderful training tool when used appropriately and with care. One of the things that pet owners should look out for is that the dog’s skin is not being irritated by the prongs on the collar. You should always make sure that you rotate the collar so that the prongs are not resting in the same place all the time. When it comes to e-collars, the EtekStorm is a nice unit to invest in as it has all of the usual features of these types of training devices.

Well Built
The EtekStorm is on the lower end of the price point scale, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that by how its made. Its receiver and controller are made of a hard plastic and the collar itself is made of nylon, which is commonly used for dog collars.

Watch That Water
While the price makes it easy to acquire, there are a few things that you will have to do without when compared to more expensive collars. Here the most that you are missing is a waterproof collar. This one can get a little wet, like in a light drizzle, but must be removed if conditions get wetter than that, and submerging it in water is a no no.

PetSpy Training with Beep, Vibration and Electric Shock

PetSypy’s dog trainer will help any dog owner to quickly learn the system of getting their dog to behave the way they want in no time. Reviewers rave that is an easy to use system, especially considering that it is a two dog system. They are more than pleased with the overall improvement in their dogs.

Value for Money
I would call this an e-collar set simply because it comes with two high-quality collars and it has an amazing range. You can pay this much for one collar with this 110 yard range, but you get two of them with this set.

Two Collars-Individual Controls
The fantastic feature here is that you can use one control to send signals to each dog individually. Some multi collar units require that you send one signal to all collars at the same time, but this model allows you to switch between collars, which makes perfect sense as the dogs are unlikely to be exhibiting the identical behavior at the same time.

K9Konnection Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

K9Konnection’s e-collar is good value for money. You will get a rugged, hard-wearing collar and remote control unit which are both comfortable for the dog and comfortable to use. At this price, I would say it’s a good buy.

New and Improved
This is an improvement on the previous version. The upgrades include a more durable heavy-duty matte black plastic which is said to be more comfortable for the dog, and the remote control is more rugged as well. It also boasts a bigger, better LCD display so that you will have no difficulty in seeing the screen. Also included is a battery life indicator so that you will always be aware of how much power the collar has left. The remote and the collar also come paired, so you do not have to pair them yourself before you start using it.

12-Month Warranty
It’s rare for a company to offer an extended warranty; many owners complain that if the collar quits after a month or two they are left with nowhere to turn. K9 Connection offers a 12- month warranty to cover all problems with the unit as long as it is used according to the instructions.

Boschel Automatic No Bark Collar Review

If you have a dog that shows multiple behaviors you would like to correct, such as incessant barking as well as other common problems like jumping on people, digging up your flowerbeds, or urinating in the house, in many cases you would have had to think of getting two separate devices to deal with the barking and the other types of behavior you would want to correct. However, this Boshel is a two-in-one system that can function as a training collar as well as a no bark collar, and for the cost you could not possibly ask for more, really.

Training Collar
As a training collar, it has the three main features of sound, vibration, and static shock that allow you to be in control. As a no-bark collar, it uses sensors to pick up on the vibrations from the dog’s vocal cords and the sound of the barking to automatically vibrate and shock progressively up to seven levels. You can also set the intensity of the vibrations and the shocks to correct the barking.

Long Range
This Boschel also has a fairly long range, so it’s great to use in all kinds of situations outdoors. Your dog can be free to run and have fun, but you remain in control.

Pick Your Best Choice

I hope that you found this information helpful and that you are better able to make a decision about the type of collar that you will get for your dog, or perhaps change the type that you already have. Remember to focus on the type of behavior that needs to be changed before you get a shock collar so that you can choose the right type for your dog. Also, you should spend some time getting to know your dog and its temperament; that will also be an excellent guide as to the kind of device that you will need. Here’s hoping that you get the best result with your shock collar training. Good luck!